Do you have a DREAM or

do you have a PLAN?


and begin your journey

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Realize your projects with a new planning method

and a new mindset

Life Goal Planner Simple Tiny Shifts is much more than a planner for appointments: it is a diary, a personal motivator, a tool that helps you to be productive and achieve your goals

Design Your Year

Clarify your vision of what you truly desire: with Vision Board, Ikigai and more

Make It Real

Transform your vision into action in every area of your life.

Plan Your Year

How to incorporate your plan in your everyday life by setting monthly goals and breaking them down in small tasks doable day by day.

Review the Target

Take the time to review what you have already achieved and re-evaluate your plan moving forward.. You’ll be surprised how far you’ll come.

This year make it real

This interactive planner makes goal setting easy as pie.

With actionable steps to follow, you’ll move toward your personal goals. it is a great tool to have when in pursuit of success.

It combines productivity and motivation in a day by day planner to keep you on track and heading toward goal achievement.

The Life Goal planner STS is a step-by-step guide to achieving your goals: you won’t loose sight of what is important to you.

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